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Why learn how to build your own membership website?

Full Brand Control 

Brand Everything! Stop sending traffic to other established websites (Youtube, Facebook, Patreon) to grow your audience. It should be the other way around! Leverage their audience to draw traffic to you! (and keep that traffic!)

Protect Your Content

All your content is valuable but, some is worth people paying for it. Making that content exclusive (by putting it behind a membership gateway), incentivizing fans to become money paying members is the reason why Patreon and Youtube Membership exist!

Save Money

Most platforms want a cut of your profits. Credit card processing aside, asking for 5% - 30% of your revenue is a lot and none of them help you grow your audience! They only let you use their platform. I say, build your own costing closer to 2%.

Full Access To The Blog

I've created a long list of content I have either created, started working on, or will get to very soon. Some of that content will be available to non members and some of it won't. To those willing to join, I am looking forward to your feedback!

Who should build their own membership website?

I won't say everyone (even though it's true). I'll stick to content creators that want to build an audience and then monetize their content.

Keep in mind this list is just the beginning. I know a few businesses that don't exactly fit this list that could do very well with their own membership website.

Here are a few examples of people that should definitely consider it.


The amount of content that is left out of the podcast (behind the scenes) and other events leading up to the podcast post is juicy enough for your fans to want exclusive access.


Are you the plug on everything gossip worthy in an industry? Is your blog growing in visitors? Have you started to consider other ways to make money that don't include giving valuable website real estate away to ads?


How much effort did it take for you to create your show? Don't you want a place to grow your audience, communicate with them and reward them with exclusive access to past, present, and future content?