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I'm Winston N'Dow

I am a seasoned freelance digital marketer. I have done both agency and private campaigns for politicians, consultants, solopreneurs, pastors, authors, and real estate developers. 

winston ndow

The Story

In my journey to help family and friends in my network, I've been asked to help with a website or 2 for free. In the past, I did it everytime because "friends don't let friends have less than decent websites"! But, this always felt like a burden because I would want to set them up the same way I set up my paid work. They deserve to build a business around their content just as much as anyone else.

The Problem

I used to help friends and family with their websites. It's great to help them succeed but it takes my time away from paid projects.

The Solution

Thus, this website serves 2 purposes:

1. To help friends and family build a business around their content through "walkthrough" style videos and...

2. To help potential clients understand how dynamic their business becomes when they have a website that literally builds a business around their content.

Unique Value Proposition

First way I'm different

I am interested in educating friends and family on the difference between a website that shows the world who they are and why they are important (a digital flyer), and a website that works to build a business around their content, showing them a path to earn $$$.

Second way I'm different

I am not here to sell software or platforms. I'm not an affiliate. If anything, I'm guiding friends and family on how to turn their websites into an employee that is working hard to grow their business. When there are costs involved in creating your website, I will be clear and concise. I will also be clear about how you can recoup any costs associated with your website.

Third way I'm different

I want my friends and family to succeed so I will also offer more support than typical. The walkthrough guides that I create will be more in debth. I may repeat concepts, or spend time discussing certain steps to outline its importance.

So, why follow Winston?

What have I done that qualifies me as someone worthy of your time?

Honestly, nothing much. I have had my fair share of contracts and I would say I know enough to guide you to hit your goals.

  • Helped an author sell 9,000 copies of her self published book.
  • Helped a real estate developer sell out a 30+ unit building.
  • Helped a local politician build a 3000+ emails from constituents.
  • Helped a church collect $2000+ in weekly digital tithes.
  • Helped a chiropractor increase patient bookings by 25%.

Not good enough? Check out the content to see if its valuable to you. It's free! No harm. No foul!

Ready to build a business around your content?

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